Are you looking for the guitar teacher for private lessons? It’s difficult to find a teacher for private guitar lessons. In this blog you can discover, how can you find best teacher for private guitar lessons Melbourne. So choose the teacher whom you are comfortable with. To choose the best one don’t shy to meet several teachers. Choose the one whom you have trust. Choose the teacher who have passion of music. It is also important that you also learn how to play the guitar with the music you have love for. Before learning this, you will start from the basics than strumming patterns and then reading tabs. Than you will learn the A chord and G chord. After that it’s up to you which guitar you want to like to play like jazz guitar or rock guitar which will fingerstyle your play. 

The music enables you:

to express

to feel

to flourish

to confederate

Because your relationship with guitar will be built upon music, which is the theme of your talk. So it is important that your teacher gives the opportunity to express yourself. You can take recommendations from him while finding your first guitar. By the time you will learn to know how to tune your guitar by your own and how to read music. Your teacher will just teach you how to play guitar and certain things after that it’s up to your hard work and be ready on the day of your lessons. Practice often because practice makes a man perfect.

5 important things after finding the good guitar teacher:

Always respect your teacher and his teaching

Taking care of instruments

Carefully listen to him and his musical productions

Evade canceling in the last second.

Set your goals

But if you are finding difficulties than don’t worry JZ center stage is always here for you. We offer variety of services to small medium sized groups. Specially for family and social groups to have casual, peaceful and relaxed learning environment with lots of interaction. We have dedicated and highly qualified professionals to give you the best learning experience in town.

Pros and cons of private guitar lessons by teacher:


Teachers help you when you make any correction

A good teacher motivates you, support you and encourage you

It provides flexibility to adjust your pace and materials to fulfill your needs.


It can be expensive by paying for one time with highly skilled professionals

All teachers are not quality teachers therefore it can be difficult to differentiate for the beginner.

Good teachers have not enough time or they are busy and less flexibility in their schedule.

Most of the teacher doesn’t agree to come t your place and they ask you to come at their teaching place which can be time consuming and stressful if stuck in traffic.


Always take a wise decision while finding the best teacher for private lessons for you to avoid from any kind of financial losses and wastage of time.
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