A class of species known as genus eucalyptus has three taxonomies whose bark is classified as dark and deeply furrowed. The ironbark is also originated from these taxonomies. The ironbark is one of the most popular timber for structural use and for decking. It is classified as rating 1 with respect to durability and strength. However, since it is very hard and very heavy weighted therefore, it is not used for smaller jobs in many areas but these have become pretty famous for bigger jobs as well. The possible applications for this work include decking, flooring and handrails. These are also used for outdoor framing in the homes. All of these are domestic use but these ironbark are also used in commercial applications such as shipbuilding, construction, sleepers for railways, poles and even the piles.

The areas which use the ironbark decking Melbourne are the ones with heavy rainfalls. Since the areas with heavy moisture causes the wood to rot and therefore ironbark is used in such areas because it provides you with high resistance of rot. Therefore, it is used in coastal areas such as South Wales. The colors for these range differently and are available in many varieties such as dark red, dark brown, pale brown and etc. the growth of ironbark is very fast and it on average grows to 20 to 30 meters. But the studies tell that these grow as high as 56 meters. These areas are known for the production of grey wood.

Since the structure is very hard. It is very difficult to cut and insert nails in it. Therefore, the proper installation can take time. But yes, if you bear this thing and somehow get it done then your structure will last forever. Timber decking supplies have two categories. One is hardwood and the second is softwood. These are available in economic prices that are very much affordable.

The home of red ironbark is the Australia. It grows in western Queensland. The areas which are weather exposed, such as heavy rainfalls, moist, heavy heat areas these are perfect solutions. These have been in used for over 200 years because of its very good record. The fine detailing and precision can be a tough job when you are working with ironbark due its hard structure. Therefore, minimum detailing can be done using ironbark.  However, it is well suited for the structures of engineering and architectures that require high reliable and durable foundations.