Since a lot of people want to have someone to look after their precious canine friends when they are out all day, there are people who come forward to offer that help. For a price they look after the canine friend until the owner shows up. However, not all of such services offering professionals are the best you can find.

At a great puppy daycare your canine friend is going to receive the exact kind of love and care you would want them to have. However, since there are places which actually do not look after your canine friend as you would like them to you should know about the signs of a bad canine looking after service so that you can avoid such a place.

Not Being Friendly With the Canines

Canines need someone who can be friendly with them. Canines love attention and people who actually make an effort to be close with them. If you want your canine to be happy while you are away you should be keeping it with such a person. However, there are professional services which are not at all interested in being friendly with the canines. They just want the canines to obey their commands and stay without troubling them.

Keeping Them in Cages until You Come Back

Most of the times, if you keep your canine friend at a doggy day care Waverton they are going to be keeping it in a cage until you come back later and collect it. They do not have enough space to let the canines roam around with pleasure. Therefore, they choose to have these cages so that they can stuff canines which come to them in those cages which can be easily fitted into a small space.

Not Feeding Them Properly

Usually, when you are a paying a fee for a professional service which promises to look after your canine friend, you are paying them to feed the canine too. Your canine cannot possibly wait without eating until you come back to take it home in the evening. However, there are places which promise to feed the canine but never actually do that.

Not Ensuring the Canines Are Safe While They Are With Them

There are professional services which do not pay much attention to the safety of your canine friends when they are with them. They do not have proper fences or any other safety measure to keep the canines safe.

If you see any of these signs with a professional canine looking after service you should avoid them at all costs.