Travelling with kids can be one of the most difficult thing in life! Especially when it comes to having more than one kid under the age of 5. So, how do you overcome this challenging situation? Read below to find out!

You need to make sure the kids listen to you always

It is very important that you get the kids to listen to you at all time when it comes to travelling. Because it is hard enough having to deal with kids when you are travelling. And having kids who don’t listen can be one of the worst things ever! Therefore, make sure that you always get the kids to listen to you. You can either bribe them with something like a chocolate to make them keep listening to you. Or you could even threaten them with a punishment if they fail to listen!

Take something to distract the kids with you

You can carry along with you some sweets or snacks, or you could even take along with you a board game for some fun. You will need to make sure that the kids are kept distracted from the pain of having to travel a long distance! Whether you have got a minibus hire in Sydney or you are travelling in your own car, you will need to ensure that you can keep your kids distracted from worrying about having to travel a long distance!

Take breaks in between

It is best that you take breaks when you are travelling with kids. Most often kids are unable to sit in a single position and travel for a very long distance. It is very important that you take breaks in between your ride to give some comfort for the kids. You can stop at a restaurant or a juice bar and either get them something to eat or drink. Always make sure that you take a break in between! It is good for the person driving as well! If you have got a mini bus hire then it will be more comfortable to travel. But if it is a car it is going to be very congested and hence taking breaks will be very helpful!

Keep them buckled in at all times

Don’t forget to keep your kids buckled into their respective seats at time. Not only is it a safety requirement but it is also the best to keep each other away from one another! Otherwise, you will have to be dealing with a crying toddler every five minutes simply because the other siblings hand or leg struck! And crying kids can make the entire journey a terrible one and make travelling with kids one of your most dreaded nightmares ever!

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